Engage your audience, generate leads, and enhance ROI through strategic content.


I help financial services firms, insurance companies and financial tech companies generate more targeted leads and serve their customers more effectively through better content marketing strategy.

The insurance and technology industries often have their own language. Finding an experienced writer who understands it can be a challenge.

What's even harder is finding a writer who can help you design content strategy, marketing content and an editorial plan that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience. Someone with industry experience to engage and educate your prospects and empower them to take action.

Your search is over.

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Hi, I’m Amy. I'm a seasoned writer and content strategist specializing in the areas of insurance and technology.

I work with financial services firms, insurance corporations, and fintech companies to produce clear and impactful content and marketing strategy that resonates with your unique audience.

My strategies aren't just about attracting potential customers; they're about transforming casual readers into committed buyers, and converting one-time customers into loyal, repeat clients.

Working hand-in-hand with your business goals, I create marketing content and strategies to help keep your business moving forward.

Why should you work with me? Learn how I'm different.