About Me

My name is Amy Beardsley, and I'm a personal finance expert.

My work has been published on NerdWallet, Robinhood, LendingTree, Dollarsprout, Women Who Money and many others.

As a ghostwriter, I have written for financial advisors and business executives, and the content has been featured on Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Investopedia, Business Insider and Kiplinger.

I'm also an Editorial Assistant for Student Loan Planner and founder of Early Morning Money, a site dedicated to helping women start and grow their own businesses.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Legal Studies. I also have over five years of experience in probate administration from my role as a probate court administrator.

I live in Michigan with my husband, daughter and very spoiled senior kitty. When I'm not busy writing about money, I enjoy reading, perfecting spreadsheets and playing D&D.



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