Time-Saving Benefits of Content Repurposing for Financial Services

Dec 10, 2023

Content repurposing is one of the most effective methods to make the most of your existing content. This strategy involves altering each piece of content in various ways, so it can be republished over and over again across a number of different platforms. For example, you might turn a complex blog post into an easy-to-understand infographic or repurpose content for social media by making a short video clip. 

With content repurposing, your goal is to find new ways to allow your content to resonate with a larger share of the market, all while maximizing your marketing efforts and using your resources efficiently. Let’s look at the four key benefits of repurposing content. 

1. Enhanced Reach and Engagement

Content repurposing can be especially helpful in the financial industry, where topics are often complex or dull to the average person. Bombarding them with technical and lengthy articles can leave them confused or bored. Articles, especially those that include a lot of numbers or data, can be repurposed for a different audience by making them more digestible. 

One survey by Semrush found that 40% of content marketers who created more visual and video content improved their content marketing. So, instead of a detailed technical article, you might get better engagement using a highly visual infographic to convey your ideas. There are two reasons why this approach works better: 

  1. Some people spend more time on social media or other platforms than reading blogs. For this reason, it’s best to adapt your content to fit where your audience hangs out online.
  2. Attention spans are often short, and “quick” content, such as infographics or clips, is often more likely to capture and keep people’s attention than a lengthy article. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

Building new content from scratch requires a lot of time and resources. For this reason, it’s usually more cost-effective and efficient to repurpose existing content instead. While you will need to make some changes when you repurpose content, the updates and changes will be less time-consuming than researching and writing something completely new. 

Simply the act of finding topics that will resonate with your audience can be extremely time-consuming and challenging. The good news is that you can eliminate this step by identifying content that you know already performs well and repurposing it. Since time is money, reducing the amount of time you (or someone you hired) spends building new content, you will be saving money. 

3. Strengthened Brand Authority and Consistency

It’s important that your brand remains consistent to boost trust and loyalty. Sending the same message or presenting the same information in multiple ways not only increases your brand’s authority across multiple channels, but it also shows your audience that your message is consistent. Just remember that while repurposed content does help provide a consistent message to your target audience, you still need to alter the information enough that it feels unique and fresh. For example, you don’t want to simply repost your podcast script as a blog post on your website. 

4. SEO and Online Visibility

In today’s digital world, it’s important that new and existing customers can find your company online. Another key benefit to repurposing content is improved SEO. This strategy not only increases visibility for your original content but also your repurposed content as well. This is accomplished in two ways: 

  • Posting content in new ways allows you to incorporate more keywords without sounding unnatural. As your content ranks for more keywords, it will be seen in more searches and by more people.
  • Repurposed content can make older content more popular, which can lead to new backlinks from authoritative websites. When your website receives high-quality backlinks, search engines will consider your website trustworthy and authoritative, both important factors for the financial industry. 

For financial industry professionals and companies looking to get the most out of their content marketing strategy, content repurposing stands as one of the best ways to improve efficiency, cut costs, and enhance your marketing ROI. 

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