Why Hiring a Specialist Ghostwriter is the Right Choice: 5 Reasons to Consider

Mar 17, 2023

When it comes to finding and hiring a ghostwriter, there are usually two types of writers that you’ll come across. 

A generalist writer is knowledgeable across a range of different topics. Their knowledge and experience go wide across many different fields — but it doesn’t go deep into any of them. A generalist writer would feel equally comfortable writing 1,000 words on politics, sports, startups, or just about any topic under the sun. The article will likely be pretty good, but it won’t be excellent. 

A specialist writer, on the other hand, is the opposite. They have deep expertise in just a few areas. If you need someone to cover dozens of topics for you, then a specialist probably isn’t your best bet. But, if you want a detailed, thorough article about a specific topic, a specialist is the way to go.

Let’s examine five reasons why hiring a specialist writer is usually the right call.

Up-to-Date Knowledge 

Some industries, especially in the financial sector, evolve quickly. Things like the tax code, insurance rules, or economic environment are in a constant state of flux. If you cover topics in this area, you must ensure your writer isn’t quoting outdated advice. Accidentally providing outdated advice can even become a legal issue, depending on the topic in question.

This is why you should go with a specialist who likely works within the industry and will be familiar with all developments.

Familiar With Industry-Specific Language

“Premium,” “deductible,” “additional insured,” “tail covearge,” etc. 

These are all words that insurance professionals rattle off without a second thought. But, a generalist writer might not understand what an additional insured is or how tail coverage works. They could very easily get mixed up in an article. This is especially true if you plan on writing to a business-owner or c-suite level audience.

If you write to a high-level audience, you’ll need a specialist ghostwriter who can “talk the talk” that your readers expect.

Bringing New Ideas to Your Audience

A generalist will typically not provide a great deal of new information to your audience because of their limited experience.

For example, let’s say that the Federal Reserve decides to raise interest rates after its latest policy meeting. A generalist could write a summary of the meeting and the decision, but that’s about it. A specialist, on the other hand, will be able to tie this decision into the bigger picture and elaborate on the impact that this decision will have on your readers.

Personal Experience

In many cases, specialist writers have years of experience in a specific industry. They leverage this experience to use personal anecdotes and stories in their writing that will prove to be invaluable to readers.


When you hire a ghostwriter, they will typically factor three things into their price:

Time to research

Time to write

Time to edit

If you hire a ghostwriter who doesn’t have knowledge about the subject, they may need more time to research it. If they anticipate this, they may charge a higher fee to compensate for the extra time and effort they will spend on the project.

However, if you’re working with a specialist, there’s a good chance they’re already very familiar with the subject matter. This doesn’t always mean that a specialist will be cheaper. It just means that you won’t be paying someone to learn about a topic before writing it.

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