Topic Clusters

Blog Post Topic Clusters

You need more than one blog post to move the SEO needle. Single blog posts give you something to share on social media and with your email list, but it doesn't have much longevity.

What you need is a blog topic cluster to build your brand's authority on a topic. Clusters also encourage site visitors to stay and read more.

What you get:

  • Topic cluster strategy meeting
  • 1 long-form pillar article of 2,000+ words
  • 3 related blog posts of 500-700 words

When you opt for blog topic clusters, you accomplish two key content marketing goals: Save your readers time and provide a general overview of topics with short-form content, and dive deeper into topics to establish trust in your brand with long-form content.

Studies show that 2000-word articles get both more backlinks and social shares.1

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