Why Your Content Might Be Overlooked (And How to Fix It)

Sep 1, 2023

Some people like to be the center of attention. Me? I prefer to play a more supportive role and take a behind-the-scenes approach. But when it comes to content, especially in a world crowded with information, being in the spotlight is crucial.

And that spotlight? It’s all about the headline.

Writing a great headline is both an art and a science. The next time you’re creating a headline, consider these strategies:

  • Keep it crisp. Opt for brevity and clarity over lengthy and intricate.
  • Ask a question. Pique your audience’s curiosity and leave them hungry for more.
  • Harness the power of “negatives.” Negative words (like “don’t” or “avoid”) can be more effective than superlatives (like “best” or “greatest”) because they tap into a reader’s natural caution.
  • Offer guidance. “How-to” headlines not only offer a promise of a solution but also a sense of structure.
  • Quantify with numbers: Numbers set clear expectations and are a beacon for scanning eyes.
  • Stir emotion. Engage your reader’s feelings using humor, urgency, or intrigue.

Think of your headline as the red carpet to your content — it sets the stage, builds anticipation, and invites the audience to stay tuned. With the right headline, your content won’t just exist—it will shine.

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